Academy Membership Agreement

Membership Benefits

1. Resource Center

  • Rootworks will provide online access to strategic and technical process documents, spreadsheets, and other resource materials to support member firms. Access to the Resource Center can be provided to any staff at the firm, at the discretion of the firm principal(s).

2. Online Discussion Group and Thought Leader Newsletter

  • Rootworks will provide members with access to our member online discussion group and our monthly newsletter.

3. Workshops

  • 1 seat at each Academy member workshop is included. Space is limited and seats are filled first come first served.
  • Additional Academy Workshop seats or events that the member chooses to attend may be billed in addition to the membership fees. Please see Rootworks website for our conference attendee cancellation policy.

4. Monthly Coaching

  • Rootworks will provide up to 1 hour of one-on-one, over the phone coaching with the client per month. Rootworks will also provide email support to the client to answer questions and provide guidance. Coaching is intended to guide the client in the implementation and use of supported software.
  • Coaching on specific software and process includes:
    • Thomson Reuters suite
      • Practice CS
      • UltraTax CS
      • FileCabinet CS
      • NetClient CS
      • ACS including ACS Payroll
    • Other Products
      • SmartVault
      • SurePrep
      • QB/QBO and specific QBO ecosystem applications
  • Limitations of coaching
    • Rootworks Coaching should not be considered a replacement for the technical support that each vendor provides for their products.
    • Software error messages and technical issues with the products should be directed to the vendor.
    • If Coaching calls exceed 1 hour per month and/or email support is determined to be excessive, Rootworks reserves the right to move the Client to an hourly billing model.

5. Staff Training Calendar

  • Rootworks will provide regular, monthly staff trainings which all staff at the firm may attend. Staff training is good for CPE.

6. Ability to purchase Rootworks client magazine

The following items are specific benefits to members of the Rootworks Academy only.

7. Marketing Support

  • Rootworks library of marketing materials include
    • Branded marketing materials
      • Ads
      • Brochures
      • Fact sheets
        • Service specific
        • Industry niche specific
      • Post cards
    • Press releases
    • Letters
    • Email campaign templates
  • Rootworks marketing support includes
    • Marketing coaching to assist firms with developing and executing to a marketing plan
    • Access to Rootworks creative team to discuss the potential creation of new marketing pieces that can be templated for use by other Academy members
      • Rootworks will make the final decision on what material is created
    • Use of the BOSS™ (Back Office Support System) trademarked service on member’s website and Rootworks marketing material
    • Twice-monthly blog posts added to member’s website (if member hosts a non-Rootworks website, they are responsible for adding blog posts to their website)

Please note: The cost of printing and shipping marketing materials is NOT included in the monthly membership fee. However, Rootworks will print and deliver all branded marketing materials.

8. Territorial Exclusivity

  • Membership in the Rootworks Academy is by invitation only. Rootworks will control which firms receive membership invitations.
  • Academy members receive an exclusive area around their primary office location.
  • No other Rootworks members may join the Rootworks Academy inside the client’s area without permission from the client.

Cost & Initial Membership Period

  • The Academy membership fee is $1000/month.
  • The initial membership period is 12 months.
  • After the initial membership period is over, membership continues automatically on a month-to-month basis.

Academy Membership Termination Policy

The following items outline the process and result of terminating membership in the Academy.

  • Rootworks may terminate the Academy membership at any time. Rootworks will give the Academy member 30 days advance notice before termination is effective.
    • Upon membership termination, monthly membership fees will cease to be charged (except web hosting if Rootworks continues to host client’s website).
  • An Academy member may terminate Academy membership at any time after 12 months. The Academy member will give Rootworks 30 days advance notice before termination is effective.
  • Should member request to terminate their membership before the 12 month initial membership period is complete, member is responsible for paying 75% of remaining membership fees due at time of requested cancellation, or 2 months of membership fees, whichever amount is greater.
  • Results of termination:
    • Rootworks will turn off the Academy member’s Resource Center access
    • The Academy member may no longer use Rootworks trademarks, including BOSS, or any Rootworks Academy marketing material.
    • Exception: Rootworks customers that contracted with Rootworks to provide branded marketing material PRIOR to the creation of the Rootworks Academy may continue to purchase branded marketing materials.

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